Welcome to Sulawesi Island - Indonesia!

Stone Grave, Toraja - South Sulawesi

Such astonishing diversity is partially a product of Sulawesi’s tortured geography.

The island’s four outstretched "arms" are in a sense all separate; they rise from a deep seabed formed by contiguous folds in the earth’s crust but are isolated from one another by steep ravines, dense forests and forbidding peaks.

Tongkonan, Toraja

Unlike many other Indonesian islands, only Sulawesi’s northeastern and southwestern extremities (the Minahasa and Makassar regions) are volcanic, and instead of gently sloping contours and broad plains, most of the island consists of jagged uplands and rugged plateaus lying 500 meter (1,600 feet) or more above sea level.
The central peaks of Sulawesi reach as high as 3,400 meters (11,000 feet). Sulawesi features, steep mountains, deep gorges, fast flowing rivers, blue highland lakes, lush rainforests, Savannah’s and white-sand beaches and a fascinating range of unusual flora and fauna.
Many species of fauna found in Sulawesi can not be found else where in the world, like the black macaque, the babirusa wild boar, the anoa dwarf buffalo, the eccentric maleo bird, the saucer-eyed tarsier, and many beautiful and colorful butterflies. (source: www.asia-planet.net)

Climb Carstensz Pyramid Indonesia

Cartensz Pyramid located in the heart of Jayawijaya mountain range in the Indonesian territory of Irian Jaya, which now called Western Papua. Carstensz Pyramid is part of Lorenze National Park and Sudirman range. Condition & weather is unpredictable; it can be 1-3 days raining, snowing, and cloudy.

Togian Islands: Diving & Snorkelling

Kadidiri Island is in the centre of the Togean Islands, a remote archipeligo in Tomini Bay, Central Sulawesi. The Togean Islands are reknowned for their outstanding beauty above and below the water. Islands with exquisite white sand beaches and sandstone cliffs cloaked in virgin rainforest, surrounded by pristine coral

Manado Classic Tour 4D3N

Tour Highlights: Manado, Woloan village an area with a big group of carpenters, Tondano Lake, Hill of love, Pulutan village that produces clay pottery, Linow Lake, Bunaken Snorkelling, Shopping.

Toraja - Makasar Tour 4D3N

Tour Highlights: Makasar, Tinombayo, burial cave of Lokomata. Batutumonga, stone hanging grave of Lemo with its Tau-Tau effigies, kambira, Tongkonan Houses in Ketekesu, Londa

Dumoga Bone Bird Watching

The National Park can be reached by driveng about 4 hours from Manado. Wewill search for Sulawesi Black Pigeon, the elusive Sulawesi Ground-Dove, Yellow-breasted Racquet-tail, Bay Coucal, Green-backed Kingfisher, Sulawesi Dwarf Hornbill, and the simply stunning Red-bellied Pitta which is quite common here.

North Sulawesi Mountain Trekking

TondanoLakeNorth Sulawesi has eight conservation areas to protect the wild animals firstly for the animal that easy to be extinction because of the people haunting or any kind of treatment. has eight conservation areas and those are; Tangkoko rainforest, Lokon Rainforest, Mount Ambang Rainforest