About Us

Vied from the variety of tourism objects in Sulawesi, where there are many potential tourism objects, especially for its wonder nature and culture, from its unique various underwater wealth to the mountain peak panorama also for its sophisticated culture, Adventurindo have been motivating to explore and improve the beauty of Sulawesi tourism resources.Began from hobby and interest to outdoor activity and community development, in 2002 we established Adventurindo. One of our division is ‘adventurindo’, which purpose to managed professionally the natural wonder of North Sulawesi and make wild nature adventure become tourist attraction. Hopefully, by serving you this wild nature adventure we share you the pleasure of natural beauty and build your respect to it.

Other of our devision is Outbound Management Training, which is design and organize education and training for human resources development such as personal development, team building, mental toughness, etc. We use experiential learning approach with outdoor media to make more enjoyble and fun and also colaborate it with learning points.The main purpose of this program is an individual mental shaping and team work. Usefull for the organisation or company to have a solid team work and capable to survive at any condition.

Realised the needs of other extraordinary request, Adventurindo also provides ‘High Risk Service’, Outdoor Activity equipment, research and strategic mapping, expedition and Event Organizer.

Finally at 6 the May 2004, Jenar’s Adventurindo become Tourism Bureau with Tours and Travel license from Tourism and Culture Department of Tomohon City. No. 09/Perbud/BPW/V/2004. And members of ASTINDO No. 001-00810 / SULUT / DPP / XI / 2018.

We are committed to provide excellence and quality to our clients. For the outgoing and incoming client, we specialize in tailor-made itineraries for groups and for individuals without forgetting competitive prices or compromising our high level of service. Every client is important to us and we are happy to offer the most competitive rates whether it is for the individual client or for groups in their hundreds. All our itineraries are subject to change to suit the interests of the individual or group.

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